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3 Places You Probably Shouldn’t Bring CBD To


If you use social media or watch the news, you’ve probably heard about the story of the 69-year-old great grandmother who got arrested at Disney World for having CBD. This is just one of several stories that have attracted nationwide attention recently.

Naturally, these stories have caused individuals and businesses in the CBD space to feel worried and confused, especially if they live in a state with strict laws against CBD.

Other people, on the other hand, feel far less concerned because they live in a state where CBD has been legalized for recreational use or a broad range of uses.

Due to unclear and undefined regulations, combined with an improper understanding amongst law enforcement officers regarding the distinction between hemp and marijuana, it’s best to take special caution to avoid legal issues.

A Helpful Tip for All CBD Users

While the legal environment of CBD has definitely improved recently, these stories present an important warning that residents of all states should heed to avoid legal issues:

There are certain places you should not bring CBD, regardless of if it’s derived from hemp or marijuana, legal or legal.

Based on the surge of arrests made for the possession of CBD oil, here are three places you shouldn’t bring CBD to.

#1 The Airport (and other regulated transportation facilities)

3 Places You Probably Shouldn't Bring CBD To 1

The airport is the #1 place on our list and for good reason.

  • While CBD may be legal in your home area, it may not be legal in the areas that you are flying to. This could create issues once you cross the border.
  • If your flight has a layover, the legal status of CBD in the states or countries of these layovers may lead to problems when you are trying to check through security.
  • Even if you are aware that your CBD contains no THC, you may be detained or have your product confiscated while it can be sent to be tested to ensure that it is THC-free.

There have been numerous reports of individuals who have been arrested for bringing CBD to the airport.

Cleatus Hunt Jr., port director at the Dallas International Airport, has reported that while CBD interception was hardly seen whatsoever last year, in the last six months rates of people having their CBD confiscated have “skyrocketed.”

One traveler at the same airport found folly when a drug-sniffing dog alerted officials that there might be something suspicious in his bag. They searched him and discovered a vape pen, which the traveler claimed had been purchased from a CBD shop. After having the pen’s contents tested, a positive result for THC was returned.

NBC 5 Investigates reported that, at the same site, a 71-year-old lady was arrested and jailed with a felony charge for carrying CBD oil which she allegedly used to help relieve her pain.

#2 Major Public Attractions (such as Themeparks)

3 Places You Probably Shouldn't Bring CBD To 2

Parks, festivals, and large venues often lead to stress and anxiety, which presents the opportunity to find relief by using CBD. Unfortunately, in the case of CBD, this might not be the best decision.

There have been numerous cases of people being arrested and charged for bringing CBD to popular places. One of the most controversial cases was that of a 69-year old woman who was arrested for carrying CBD.

The great-grandmother, who used CBD to manage her arthritis, was arrested at Disney World during a standard security checkpoint. The security officer found a bottle of CBD oil in her purse, and the woman was then detained for 12 hours only to be released on a $2,000 bond.

This case is particularly unnerving because the woman carried with her a note from her doctor who had personally recommended that she use CBD to help her manage her issue.

This story suggests that it may not be wise to carry CBD anywhere that there are routine security checks. If you are going to be going for an outing, check beforehand to see if you will be at risk of being searched.

#3 Hospitals

3 Places You Probably Shouldn't Bring CBD To 3

A hospital may seem like a logical place where the many benefits of CBD can be utilized; however, due to the complexity of the laws surrounding CBD, this might not be the best option. There have been cases of people bringing CBD to hospitals who have run into difficulty with authorities.

One such story surrounds a stage-4 cancer patient who was being treated in hospital in Bolivia, Missouri. The patient, who reported that he used CBD to help manage the pain and symptoms associated with pancreatic cancer, had police enter his room and begin searching his belongings.

The entire event was captured on video, and the police can be seen rifling through his things while hospital staff stands by to watch. The police told him that he would be given a citation if they discovered marijuana.

Be Mindful About Where You Bring CBD

These are just three places we recommend not bringing CBD; however, there are a variety of different situations where CBD can present issues (Parent/Teacher meetings, government facilities, etc.).

With time and awareness, this problem will solve itself, but in the meantime, it’s important to be aware of the difficulties and issues that can arise as legal regulations develop and to be mindful of where you are bringing CBD to.

While those in this community are well aware of the many benefits of CBD, it will take some time for the rest of the world to catch up.

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